Check the Edition and Version of Mambo Merge Installed

Easily check the version of Mambo Merge installed, let us show you how.

Video Link to showcase steps below - Click Here

Start by going to the Org and selecting one of the object pages you already have Mambo Merge installed on.

Note: For this example we will be using the Opportunities object page.

Click into one of the record pages.

Locate the Mambo Merge component and click on the down arrow.

Select Template Builder from the drop down menu.

On the bottom-left hand corner you will see both the Edition (Free / Standard / Pro) followed by the version which starts with 1.xx.xx.

Alternative Method

Start by going to the ORG, click on the setup gear and select Setup from the drop down.

Type Installed Packages on the quick find search box.

Note: Search box located within the Home tab

Click on the “Installed Packages” link

Under installed packages you will find Mambo Merge with the version number.

Note: Always make sure you upgrade to the latest version.

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