Creating Formulas to Access Related Data

Want to do more with Mambo Merge let us show you how you can create Formula fields in Salesforce to make more data from related records available.

Mambo Merge works with all the fields on the record from which you initiate the merge. It also includes some related information like Owner.FirstName and Owner.LastName. But sometimes, you may need more information from a related record.

Let’s say you create a custom field on Accounts, named “Credit_Score__c” and you want to use that field when performing a merge from Contacts. You can create a new formula field on Contacts that is populated with the value from the Account and then add it to your template.

Let’s review the steps to do this example in Lightning:

Click the Setup Gear in the top Corner

Click on “Object Manager

Type in the name of the object from which you’re doing the merge, in this case: Contact and click into its link.

Select Fields and Relationships and click on New.

Select Formula for the type and click on next.

Enter Credit Score for the field label, set the formula return type to Text and click on next.

Note: The field name automatically populates when you enter a field label

Select Advanced Formula and click on Insert Field. Locate the credit score field from the Account record by going to Contact > Account > Credit Score and click on Insert.

Credit Score (Text) now populate with the field selected, click on next.

Click next & set field visibility for profiles.

Choose the page layout you want the field to be displayed on and click on Save.

Now you can use Mambo Merge to access the Credit Score field from the Account record within the Contact record.