Enable Debug Mode in Mambo Merge

Need assistance to help setup Mambo Merge in Debug mode, no worries we got ’cha.

Video Link to showcase steps below - Click Here

Start by going to the ORG and selecting the object page that needs troubleshooting.

Note: For this example we will be using the Opportunities object page.

Click into one of the record pages.

From here, click on the setup gear and select Edit Page from the drop down.

Locate the Mambo Merge instance and click on it once to bring the page settings.

Under the page settings check Debug Mode.

Note: If you have more than one instance within the object page you must activate Debug mode on each instance that needs troubleshooting.

Click the β€œSave” button on the top-right corner.

Now click the Back button on the top-left corner.

Mambo Merge component instance will now be in Debug Mode.

Note: Only enable Debug Mode on the instances of Mambo Merge that need troubleshooting.

That wraps up this mode.