Locate the File ID of a Template

You are ready to begin using your stored Templates within FILES to create merge buttons but don’t know where the “Template ID” is located within a certain file. Let us show you how to find that.

Video Link to showcase steps below - Click Here

Start by going to the Org Homepage and click into the Files object page.

Locate the Template file and click on the drop down arrow to the right and select View File Details from the drop down list.

On top you will find the page URL where the ID is embedded.

Right after ContentDocument/ you will find 15-18 alphanumeric characters. Go ahead and copy this at it will be the ID used to identify the file.

Note: Each file will have its own unique file ID. Uploading the same file will create a new template ID. In order to preserve the file ID for an existing file you must update using the new version option under FILES.

Great!!! You are ready to create a merge button on a Mambo Merge Instance.