Make Mambo Merge Instance Visible based on Conditions

Need to set restrictions as to which object records will show a Mambo Merge instance. No problem, let us set up some conditions.

Video Link to showcase steps below

Adding Filters - Click Here
Removing Filters - Click Here

Start by going to the ORG and selecting the object page with the object instance that needs to be restricted.

Note: For this example we will be using the Opportunities object page.

Click into one of the record pages.

From here, click on the setup gear and select Edit Page from the drop down.

Locate the Mambo Merge instance and click on it once to bring up its page settings.

Under Set Component Visibility click the “+ Add Filter” button.

Note: If you have more than one instance within the object page you must add a filter on that instance to restrict visibility.

Filter options available are by Record Field, Device or Advanced. Selecting a field enables an operator and selecting an operation enables a value. All three must be enabled in order to complete setting up the filter.

Press “Done” once all filter options are selected.

Now a Filter will be visible and active within Set Component Visibility.

Note: You can set more than one filter before saving all the changes to the object page. To revise a filter click into it and make the necessary changes

To remove a filter click on the x next to it.

Note: there is no confirmation option so as soon as you press the x the filter is removed and will need to be recreated again if needed.

Once all filters are set click the “Save” button on the top-right corner.

Now Click the left arrow Back button on the top-left corner.

The Mambo Merge component instance will now be restricted based on the conditions set. Restriction will only apply on records where conditions are met. Each instance of Mambo Merge requires to have Component Visibility Filters set in order to be restricted based on its conditions.

Took a bit of time but we got it done. Congratulations!