Update File while Preserving the File ID

Need to update a document but don’t want to avoid affecting any buttons or conditions already put into motion. Don’t worry we got you, here are the steps.

Video Link to showcase steps below - Click Here

Start by going to the Org homepage and click into the Files object page.

Locate the file and click on the drop down arrow to the right. and select Upload New Version from the drop down list.

Locate the New version of the file and click open.

Complete the upload by pressing the “Upload” button

Note: What Changed? is optional but not required to complete the upload.

Uploaded file should now show within the Owned by Me Files and Last Modified Date should reflect the last time the file what changed.

Note: Original file name will stay intact but contents have been updated to the file uploaded.

Finito, your existing file ID stays intact but new changes have been applied to the file.