Video Library

1.25 | 2/5/2023
HowTo, Video Library, Document Generation


You’ve installed the app and are ready to take the next steps to generate professional digital documents right out of Salesforce. But you prefer to have someone guide you along the way. Use this video library as your “Mambo Moves” to get you moving in the right direction.

Post-Installation Instructions

After successfully installing from the AppExchange, follow these simple steps to get you generating documents in ways you never imagined.

Add Component To Lightning Page

After successfully installing from the AppExchange, you need to add a component to an object page in order to begin building configurations for your document-generating needs.

Build A Configuration

Once you have added a component you’ll need to being creating configurations in order to tell Mambo Merge how to generate documents for your needs.

Activate Configuration

Once you have a configuration ready for use, you’ll need to activate it in order to begin generating documents just the way you need.