Videos: How To's (NEW!)

Install Mambo Merge from the AppExchange

Locate the Edition and Version Number of Your Mambo Merge

Update Mambo Merge to the Latest Version

Add Mambo Merge to a Page Layout (New Instance)

Located your Salesforce Org ID

Grant Login Access to MK Partners Support

Enable Debug mode in Mambo Merge

Manage User Licenses, Add Users

Manage User Licenses, Remove Users

Convert a Word Docx file into a Mambo Merge Template

Upload a Template into the FILES tab

Update a Template within the FILES tab

Locate the File ID of a Template (a.k.a Template ID)

Add a Merge Button to an Instance of Mambo Merge

Add Conditions to Define when to Show Mambo Merge

Remove Conditions to Define when to Show Mambo Merge

Auto Generate a File using Upload or Drag and Drop

For more videos checkout Mambo Merge YouTube.