Free(style) Fundamentals Full Speed
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Supported Formats docx pptx
100% Native, No Setup Code Required
Lightweight Salesforce Footprint
Support for Salesforce Primary Objects
Support for Custom Objects
Source Templates from FILES Tab
Upload Templates From PC
Template Builder
Apply Date Functions
Download Merged Documents to Save on PC
Save Merged Documents as Attached to Records
Save Merged Documents as Attached to Specified Records
Save Merged Documents to Libraries (Files)
Create Dynamic Custom File Names for Merged Documents
Custom Template Display Type: Buttons, Radio, Checkboxes, Thumbnails, and Dropdown Lists
Special Text Merge Functions**
Default Merge Field Values
Conditional Merge Fields**
Merge Multiple Records Per Merge
Merge Multiple Records Per Merge
Deploy Backup Dancers: Update Records, Save Tasks, Send Emails, and Launch Screen Flow
Create Custom Relationships
Convert Generated Documents to PDF
Image Merge Functions
Support Rich Text Merge Fields**
Save Larger File Sizes

*All contracts are sold on an Annual Basis.
**Full Speed unlocks all Special Merge Functions and Conditional Merge Fields.