Adding A Component, Creating A Merge Button

1.25 | 2/13/2023
Post-Installation, Document Generation, First Steps, What’s Next


You’ve installed the app and are ready to take the next steps to generate professional digital documents right out of Salesforce, let’s get started.

Adding A Component

In order to get access to configure Mambo Merge we simply need to add a component to a lightning page. This can be achieved by heading over to an object page and editing its page layout.

We first start by heading over to an object record page we plan to use Mambo Merge with and click on the Gear icon located in the top right-hand corner.

From its dropdown menu will select Edit Page.

This will launch the Lightning App Builder where you can go ahead and search for the Mambo Merge component which can be found under Custom - Managed.

Next, drag and place an instance of the component anywhere where the green area highlights as you hover the component around the page layout.

Once placed you will be able to see the component within the lightning page and if you click the component you will be able to configure its settings.

We need to activate this page in order to make sure that the component is properly added, do this by clicking the Activation button.

This will launch the activation window, go ahead and click on Assign as Org Default.

This will launch another window that will let you provide access to this component on either a desktop, mobile, or both. We recommend that you provide access to both. Proceed by selecting Desktop and phone and clicking Next.

The last window reviews your changes before you Save them.

This will take you back to the lightning app builder where you can now press the Save button and Back Arrow. Saving your settings and taking you back to the record page where you first started.

Note: The Save button can be found in the top right-hand corner while the Back Arrow will be located in the top left-hand corner of the lightning page.

Now your component is ready to use within your object page.

Creating A Merge Button

Once you have your component you can simply add a Merge button which will link a template to generate a document each time the button is pressed.

Note: If you need assistance creating your first template go ahead and read our How To Create A Template for the steps necessary to build your first template.

This will launch the Lightning App Builder where you can locate the component on the page and add the File ID of the template you wish to create a Merge button.

Note: If you need assistance locating the File ID reference our Uploading Documents To The FILES Tab article.

With your File ID go ahead and paste it within the Template ID field of the component settings.

Note: Make sure to remove any extra spaces and copy exactly as is. Should be a 15-18 alphanumeric sequence.

Lastly, click on Save and go back to the record page. Your component will now link the template provided with the File ID to the component and create a Merge button. Each time this button is pressed the data will merge with the template to output a new document.


You are now ready to test your configuration and begin building more configurations that will allow you to unlock more potential within your org.