Free Edition - Base version of Mambo Merge with sufficient features to build profession, data-rich documents instantly.

Standard Edition - Extended version of Mambo Merge version that provides a wider range of customization and Merge Functions for creating documents.

Professional Edition - Complete version of Mambo Merge with full customization, Mass / Batch Reports, PDF / XLSX output, Image Merge Function and pretty much anything your mind can come up with. (Certain functions require custom code only available in Enterprise Edition (or higher) of Salesforce.)

Mambo Merge Template - A DOCX, XLSX, PPTX file that includes merge fields to create data-rich documents instantly.

Template Builder - Menu to generate Merge Fields that identify Salesforce Object and Field combinations. Used when converting a DOCX file to a Mambo Merge Template.

Setup - Menu to create Buttons, Dropdown and Relationship configurations.

Support - Menu to identify the number of times Mambo Merge has been used within your Salesforce Org. Used to connect with Mambo Merge for support issues or inquiries.


Object Page - Defined or custom page within the Organization (Org).

Object - Defined or custom section within the Organization (Org).

Record - Entry within an Object of the Organization (Org).

API - Remote website that the Org can invoke from within Salesforce.


View File Details - Location used to obtain the File ID once a document has been uploaded to the Files tab within an Org.

Upload New Version - Method used to update an existing document within Files to preserve a Template ID.

File ID - A 15 - 18 alphanumeric characters unique ID used to identify a document within Salesforce.


Custom Component - A custom App builder-friendly configuration for use within object pages.

Mambo Merge Instance - One use of a custom component within an object page.

Template ID - File ID used to generate a merge button to a Mambo Merge Instance.

Merge Field Notation - Characters used to define Merge Fields within a DOCX, XLSX, PPTX file.

Debug Mode - Mode used by developers to help troubleshoot issues within a Mambo Merge instance.

Setup Component Visibility - Create conditional visible filters to define when a Mambo Merge instance appears on records.

Filter Type - Conditional visible filters option.

Record Field - Sets conditions based on field values.

Device - Sets conditions based on device type.

Advanced - Sets conditions based on specific characteristics.

Field - Stored value within a record.

Operator - A method to compare fields within records.

Value - The data within a field.


Available Objects - A list of identified objects based on where the Mambo Merge instance is installed.

OpportunityLineItems - Related object used to pull all line items of a merge field within an opportunity record.

OpportunityContactRoles - Related object used to pull all contact roles of a merge field within an opportunity record.

$Functions - Special merge field functions built in to retrieve or alter merge field values.

Available Fields - For each object a set of merge fields will be available to use within the Mambo Merge instance. Fields change based on which object is selected.

Copy Merge Field Below - The Merge Field syntax to use when integrating within a DOCX, XLSX, PPTX file.

Merge Field - Fields used to retrieve custom values within an object page.


Configuration - A set of conditions to define the display type within a Mambo Merge instance (Buttons or Dropdown). Along with setting up relationships for a configuration.

Configuration Id - The configuration name used to map (Buttons or Dropdown) within a Mambo Merge instance.

Display Type - Defines whether a configuration will use (Button(s) or Dropdown).

Description - Allows you to provide a brief description of the configuration. To help others identify the purpose of the configuration.

Template Options - Information necessary to create one Button / Dropdown within the configuration.

Label - Name given to a Button / Dropdown

Destination - Action taken by a Button / Dropdown press (Attach to the Record or Download Immediately).

File ID - ID of the Template (Uploaded to the Files Tab) to bind a Button / Dropdown.

Generated File Name - The name assigned to the output File by a Button / Dropdown press. Must include the correct file extension for configuration Example: FileName.FileExtension Output: Test.docx

Add Template - Used to add another Button / Dropdown within the same configuration.

Convert to PDF - Allows Button / Dropdown to convert a document to .PDF. (A Mambo Merge API must be installed within Org" and can only be used on the PRO edition.)

Show Preview - Provides a document preview of a Button / Dropdown configuration.

Relationships - Used to retrieve additional merge fields one or two layers from current object page. Allows Mambo Merge to identify relationships between custom object pages and fields. Helps filter out records from related lists before outputting them to a template.

Type - Define the type of relationship you want to establish (Lookup Field / Related List).

Lookup Field Expands one or two layers from current object page.

Field Name - Define the name of the object.

Additional Fields - Define the name of the merge field.

sObjectType - Define the name of the object page.

Related List Set conditional filters before outputting record line items to a template.

Where Clause - Using conditions and operators create a formula to define what records will display from the related list within a template.