Making Your Component Visible

1.25 | 2/21/2023
Post-Installation, Document Generation, Components, Conditions, Visibility

Controlling When and How Mambo Merge Appears On A Page

Decide when and how each component appears based on field, user, or other conditions using built-in Salesforce functionality. Let us show you how.

Setup Component Visibility

To specify when and how each component should appear based on specific conditions, you must configure them individually. If you want to apply similar conditions to multiple components, you will need to repeat the configuration process for each one.

Begin by navigating to the record page of an object that contains the component you want to configure.

Click on the Gear icon, and select Edit Page from the dropdown.

Go over to the component and click on it to show its settings. Click on Set Component Visibility to show its filters.

When you click on + Add Filter you will open up a window that will now allow you to set the conditions by which this component will be visible. If not met, this component will not appear on that record.

Note: You will have the option to set conditions based on Field, Device, or Advanced. In our example, we set this component should only be visible on an opportunity page if the opportunity’s Amount is exactly $10,000.

Save the filter by pressing Done and click on Save and Left-Arrow to take you back to the record page.

Important: Simply head back to Component Visibility to remove or edit any existing filters and reset your component.

If a conditional filter is applied to a component, it will only be visible within a record’s page if those conditions are met. Otherwise, it will not appear.

Ready, Set, Go!

Component Visibility is a feature built into Salesforce that determines how components installed in your organization are displayed on each page. By setting conditions, you can configure user interfaces to enhance productivity and improve overall performance.