Post Installation Instructions


You have taken the first step to begin generating professional documents right out of Salesforce at the push of a button. Let us begin by taking a few moments to properly setup Mambo Merge within your Org for use. Here are the steps needed to get you started.

First we need to create a merge field document also know as a Mambo Merge Template and upload it to FILES tab within your Org.

Open up a new word DOCX, if you have an existing file open that instead. Begin inserting merge fields where necessary in order to retrieve Salesforce data.

In the example above we are building a merge field document to retrieve opportunity data from the record. All merge fields will have the notation using parenthesis {{ }}.

Once the document is formatted to the style you want go ahead and save it to your computer as a Mambo Merge Template is now ready for use. Go to the FILES tab within your Org and click on Upload Files, select the created template and click on open.

Complete the upload by pressing done.

Now that the Template shows up within the FILES tab go ahead and click on the down arrow to the right and select View File Details.

On top of the page you will find the URL with the Template ID embedded within.

Right after the ContentDocument/ you will find 15-18 alphanumeric characters. Go ahead and copy this as it will be the Template ID needed to create the merge button.

Next will need to add a custom component also known as a Mambo Merge instance within the object page you wish to use Mambo Merge.

Start by going to the ORG and selecting one of the object pages you wish to install Mambo Merge and click into one of the record pages.

From here click on the setup gear and select Edit Page from the drop down.

On the left-hand side you will see the components section with a search bar. Type in Mambo Merge and the list will filter.

Drag the Mambo Merge component anywhere within the object page.

A Mambo Merge instance will now appear on the page.

Last step is to map the template uploaded to the Mambo Merge instance within the object page and create a template instance to automatically generate that document.

Within the Template ID field, paste the file ID obtained from previous step.

Mambo Merge instance changes will apply dynamically and you should be able to see a button labeled Merge.

Click the “Save” button on the top-right corner.

Click on Activation.

Press Assign as Org Default.

Select Desktop and phone and click next.

Review assignments and save.

Now back on the object page click the left arrow back button on the top-left corner.

The Mambo Merge instance within the Opportunity record will now have a “Merge” button to automatically click and generate the template mapped for that instance.

You have successfully generated a document at the push of a button. If you would like to learn more check out our support and video resources below.