Uploading Documents To The FILES Tab

1.25 | 2/11/2023
Post-Installation, Document Generation, FILES tab, Uploading, Preserving File ID

How To Manage Your Templates

Learn to safely and effectively update your templates to maintain them each and every time they need to be changed.

Using Libraries

Start by going to your org and selecting the FILES tab, going to Libraries, and creating a New Library.

Provide a name and description to Save it.

Now click on the newly created library and Add Files to select the documents you want to add to this library.

Select all the files and press Add to save them to the library.

Now you are ready to begin centralizing all documents within your org.

Upload New Documents

Whether you decide to use a library or not uploading new documents to use within your configurations is as simple as 1,2,3.

Start by heading over to the FILES tab and clicking on Upload Files.

From here select the document(s) you wish to upload.

Note: You may get an Upload Files confirmation.

Press Done and now the documents(s) will be uploaded to your FILES library.

Updating Existing Documents

To update an existing document to its newer version, using Salesforce’s built-in functionality can save time and effort. Rather than creating a new configuration and testing it, simply replace the existing document with the new version to preserve its file ID.

Note: Uploading the same file name will not replace the existing file. You need to use Upload New Version to replace the existing file with its newer version.

Start off by heading over to the FILES tab and locating the document you wish to update.

Using the Down Arrow next to the document you wish to update click on it and select Update New Version.

Select the file you wish to use to replace and chose Open.

This next window will give you a chance to document any notes you wish to use to remind you what this new version of this file contains. Continue by pressing Upload to replace the existing file with this new version.

After the change is made, a confirmation will display on the screen. You can then return to your existing configuration to test and verify that the new document version is being used for each merge.

Note: The file name will not change and remain the same as the original upload.

Obtaining A File’s ID

There may come times you need to create individual Merge buttons within a component that do not require you to build configurations. You will need to obtain a document’s key identified also known as the File ID or Template ID in order to link that document to the component. Use the steps below to obtain the 15-18 alphanumeric sequence.

Start by heading back to the FILES tab, selecting the file, and clicking on its Down Arrow to choose View File Details

This will open up the document details which include a quick preview and some statistics. Within the top URL, you will see a 15-18 alphanumeric sequence which is the document key identifier also known as its File ID.

Copy and save this in order to use once you need to set up your component with a Merge button

That’s It

Creating libraries, uploading new versions, and obtaining File IDs will help make sure you’ve organized documents in an efficient and productive matter.